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ServicesDon't Reface -- Refinish! If the quality cabinets in your Springfield, Illinois home are showing their age, Metro Cabinet Refinishers can bring them up to date, and save you money too.

Much more than a “paint job,” the cabinet refinishing process is largely performed in a controlled environment away from your home. The result?

  • Less disturbance in your home
  • A beautiful new, high-quality finish, extremely durable, for many years of enjoyment
  • Substantial savings over refacing

The Process

  • Cabinet doors and drawers are removed to our shop.
  • As needed, veneer is repaired and the old finish stripped.
  • Doors and drawers (in our shop) all receive application of the finest quality, most durable finish material available, a specialized conversion varnish, similar to a two-part epoxy. Conversion varnish is the most advanced technology in cabinet and furniture finishing. A “catalyst” is added just prior to application which causes a chemical change during the curing process, known as cross linking. The “cross linking” is what makes the finish so hard and resistant to the effects of “U.V.” radiation, which can cause fading or yellowing . This material comes in your choice of clear or colors, and in multiple sheens (flat-glossy). For more information click here.
  • Doors and drawer faces (high-wear surfaces) are warmed on our custom drying racks to maximize durability.
  • Your like-new cabinets are reassembled with any new hardware you may select, and adjusted.

The process requires about two weeks total, with an average 3-6 days work in your home. Throughout, we will treat your home with respect, minimizing dust and disruption.

Pricing Guidelines

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